by Sara Dimitt Waters | April-May 2019

 Artist Statement- Twofold: The dysfunction of the status quo

These works are a continuation of a body of work I begin in 2005, after I was diagnosed with Guillain Barre Syndrome. This body of work explores my emotional and physical state and continues to allow me to escape, reflect, process and recover.

This body of work explores the dysfunction of the status quo through  layers of symbolic imagery. These works reflect anger, disappointment, regret, sadness, loss, discontent, fear, suffering, revolt and dissatisfaction through the use of imagery inspired by: love, motherhood, nature, books, art and music. The dark personal, political and social stories these works tell is juxtaposed with the illustration-like imagery, colors and content within each piece. Each painting tells a twofold story.

Artist Bio:

Sara was born in Cheyenne, Wyoming in the winter of 1978 kicking off a lifetime of moving and traveling. Born from Colorado pioneers and Texas frontiers folk, her love for adventure and nature was inherent. Her family landed in the front range of Colorado and there, her love of nature flourished. Sara was always fascinated by the differences she saw in animals, vegetation and geography as her family moved, explored and camped all over the United States. Naturally, she was drawn to art. Her interest was cultivated in her teenage years after moving to Texas and furthered when she decided to attend Sam Houston State University in 2000 where she obtained a Bachelors of Fine Art in Painting and started a body of texture and color based work that reflect the landscapes, colors and textures of the forests she grew up in.  

After completing her degree she took a job as a display artist for Urban Outfitters and continued to paint commision works in her free time. However, in 2005 a sudden loss of feeling in her right arm, followed by the partial loss of mobility sent her to the hospital with the diagnosis of a rare, autoimmune disease, Guillain-Barré syndrome. Before leaving the hospital the doctors told her she may never make a full recovery; that she may never paint again. This was a devastating turn of events for the 25 year old artist. She took matters into her own hands when traditional medicine failed. She began daily training in Bikram Yoga and started painting again in an effort to regain control of her hands and to escape the confines of her illness, both physically and mentally. Having always found inspiration and solace in nature and art, painting continues to be a tool for escape and recovery from life.

Sara currently lives in Brenham, TX and recently launched her full time art career with the opening of Sapling & Brush.

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