The Process

Sarah McIntyre | July-Aug 2016

Artist Statement for, The Process

The how and the why art is formed is a personal and infinitely different process for each creator. Because knowledge is intended to be passed on, the pieces that flank the walls share those secrets. In the flip books you will find images of how the art developed from start to finish. The labels on the wall share the artist’s insight, her inspiration, and the meaning behind the artwork. Many of the labels also contain fun facts to enjoy.  When you glance around you might notice that the show is arranged by color and not by subject or medium. This process of grouping by color is the same she uses when she arranges her piles of paper to assemble a collage. Sarah prefers bouncing between paper pieced collage, traditional oil painting, and illustrative drawings to avoid becoming burned out. Each piece has its own viewing distance. So step back, get up close and step into this artist’s world. What you experience here is the record of her Process.

Artist Bio

Studio artist, Sarah McIntyre moved to Brenham three years ago, where her husband, Nick, was raised.  She married her soulmate, another artist, who has a talent for always making her laugh, grounds her creative chaos and keeps her focused on the here and now as well as their future. They have two young children Greyson (4) and Adelyn (1) who make life interesting with their opposite personalities. Sarah has a studio set up in their 1950’s house that is constantly under construction, all renovations designed by Nick. She graduated with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree, in Studio Art, from Sam Houston State University has a second degree in Biology, and earned a scholarship to study at Penland, in North Carolina where she learned her metal and wood working skills. Sarah works on art or creating her art house nearly every day applying her passion, God’s gifts. When she is not working in her studio, she is out showcasing her talents on the cheeks and arms of festival goers around the state, spending time with friends and family, or reading a good book. Her ambition as a face painter and henna tattoo artist on the weekends has allowed her to follow her dreams to be a full-time artist, and eat whenever she remembers to. Sarah has shipped prints and originals across the world, created custom commission work, and occasionally gives small workshops over various techniques and media.  

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