Naturally Infused

by Chelsea Brock | September - October 2018


Artist Statement: 

I truly enjoy the art world. I’ve my whole world about art, from my studio time to my scenic shop. Creating is my meditation; the creative process clears my mind, and keeps my body moving. I have the luxury of being married to artist in which I am able to share ideas and concepts with without any fear of judgment. 

My work as an artist doesn’t always begin in the studio. At times, I begin creating in my dreams (both day dreaming and sleeping) and meditations. Sometimes it begins on walks I have or just while doing yard work. I find flowers, feathers, and other interesting things, I gather them up and often arrange them in my studio. Somethings, like flowers I may let them die completely before revisiting them as part of my media or I might dive right in and start coating them in linseed oil or various resins.

I’ve explored physical and online stores for other objects I haven’t been able to find on my own accord.  I make most of my own surfaces for creating on, this gives me the control for quality and support my work needs.

I work in mixed media mostly because I enjoy the thrill and mystery of using different materials in my work. This can offer so many extra textures. I enjoy using organic elements in my work, such as feathers, bones and flowers most of which are found treasures. I also tend to keep a camera with me at all times so that I can gather my own reference images or make arrangements in the studio for a phot shoot. Much if the treasures used in my mixed media begin with the camera.

I will continue to live my life as an artist and look forward to offering the world new and interesting works in various medias but mostly mixed media.  

 Artist Bio:

Chelsea Brock-Hoberer is a Dallas-based artist specializing in mixed media and photography. Passionate about all things artistic, Chelsea pursued a BFA in Graphic Design, co-owns C. Scenic a national scenery company and has gone on to produce a wide variety of work within her professional portfolio.

 Her hands dipped in many pots, Chelsea enjoys using nature as part of her mixed media arrangements. From the little trophies brought to her by her beloved Bubastis to the discoveries she makes on her own, she has collected a wide array of pieces that she breathes new life into until she sees their time as done. At the end of their revival, she then immortalizes them in a final 2D piece.

 Chelsea is dedicated to recreating the tiniest fragments of beauty that often go unnoticed by the casual eye. Her most recent series of works highlight a world that is beautiful even when its lifespan has seemingly come to an end. In her words, "Even in death, there is still beauty to be had from the things we leave behind." "Naturally Infused" is the embodiment of that philosophy, and it will continue to stand as a testament to Chelsea's passion long after even she is gone.led Latin used by designers to mimic real copy. Nulla eu pretium massa. Donec eget risus diam.

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