I Came from Hog Branch

by Lloyd Mays | May-June 2016

A collection of paintings & poetry by Brenham local, Lloyd Mays.

Lloyd Mays was born February 22, 1956 in Brenham, Texas. Born the last of fourteen children, he found out early on that his verbal expressions were either overshadowed or ignored by his parents and siblings.

Upon receiving a paint-by-numbers kit for his sixth birthday, Lloyd say that painting eliminated the need to compete for his family's attention. Everyone was now surrounding him to see what he had made. He also found that carefully selecting his thoughts and writing those down on paper seemed to work better than trying to speak over thirteen older children.

Two weeks after turning eighteen, Lloyd was married. Trying to raise a family at such a young age did not allow time for him to continue his passion for art. Almost thirty years passed before he sat down to paint or write again.

Now his paintings and poetry can be seen and read in Brenham as well as abroad. Most of his paintings are drawn from memories of his childhood and from area he was raised.