Be a Back Lot Gallery Artist:

What We are Looking for:

While we welcome applications year round, we have filled our calendar for 2019. Any applications received at this time will be reviewed in the summer of 2019 for consideration for the 2020 calendar.

Back Lot Gallery's focus is assisting primarily new and emerging artists of all ages with opportunities to show their work in a professional setting. 

Artists most likely to be accepted exhibit these key traits:

  • a strong understanding of the purpose and concepts driving their work

  • strong communication skills: able to talk about their artwork and interact with visitors

  • can provide a fully formed collection, series, or body of artwork

  • show evidence of seriously pursing their career as a professional artist

  • able to work the gallery for at least part of their show dates

  • work should be appealing for a retail market as well as a gallery setting

What We Offer:

  • A two month art show using the entire gallery

  • Experience for the artist to curate a solo show

  • Experience working at a gallery

  • An artist's reception

  • An optional Artist's Talk/ Experience for the artist to present their artwork to the community

  • Limited advertising/marketing

  • Connecting the artist with a graphic designer if they need help with business and/or show cards

  • A chance to sell reproductions and merchandise in the gallery, as well as the artwork in their show

  • After the two month show, a selection of the 2D artwork will be moved to the back hallway of the Ant Street Inn for another two months of exposure.

  • No rental charges for the gallery space

Responsibilities & Expectations for the Artist:

  • Must be available for the installation of the show

  • Must be available to work the gallery during their show

  • Must have a full, thought out body of art work to fill the space

  • Must choose a date for the Artist's Reception, and attend

  • The artist pays for the cost of getting your work to and from the gallery

  • The artist pays for the cost of providing show cards & business cards

  • The credit card fees of 2.75% per sold work comes out of the artist's commission

  • Optional: The artist pays for the cost of using our designer if you so choose ($50 fee for show card design; $30 for business card design, + cost of printing & shipping)

  • Must sign a formal contract with the owners of the gallery, Keith & Suzy, that has all the details of the artist's show.

Commission Rates:

  • 20% BLG / 80% Artist, when a piece sells while you are working the gallery as long as you work eight or more days during your show

  • 40% BLG / 60% Artist, when a piece sells while BLG is working the gallery or you do not work eight or more days during your show